• Italian homemade pasta with ginger-garlic sauce.

    Italian homemade pasta with ginger-garlic sauce.

    When it comes to pasta, Italy is the first thing that comes to mind. Italians are probably the only people happy to eat pasta more than once every day. And of course, what’s the pasta without some sauce? The variety of sauces are pretty large, and each one more delicious than the last. If you …

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  • Pasta Salad Recipes

    Italian Pasta Salad Recipe

    Pasta salad with Italian dressing Cooking time: 15 minutes Dish: Salads Geography of cuisine: Italian Servings Per Container: 6 Italian pasta salad – delicious cold macaroni salad with Italian dressing. It can be found not only in fancy restaurants, but also in ordinary dining rooms, so this Italian dish can be considered as ordinary and …

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