ISACCO’S LUNCH MENU  (Isacco lunch menu pdf)

Corn Chowder (7)
Butternut squash & apple soup (7)
Fruit & Vegetable Gazpacho (7)
Summer salad, house dressing ~ (chicken 4, shrimp 5) (8)
Brussels sprouts ~ Bacon, onions, sesame, orange zest (8)
Fried dates stuffed with chorizo, beets, feta cheese, balsamic (10)
Zucchini Flower Tempura, prosciutto, arugula, shaved parmesan (10)
Mushroom risotto (12)
Homemade Fettuccine & My tomatoes, basil, parmesan (12)
Handmade duck ravioli, smoked prosciutto, marinara, pistachio (12)
Pappardelle pasta, spinach, goat cheese, walnut, chicken (12)
Caprese salad with Burrata mozzarella (14)
Ahi Tuna salad (15)
Grilled Octopus, fingerling potato, arugula, olives, balsamic (15)
Pork scaloppini, spinach risotto (15)
Grilled Flank steak, asparagus, potato gratin, arugula (15)
Crab ravioli diablo~ shrimp, scallop, spicy vodka sauce (17)

ISACCO’S DINNER MENU   (Isacco dinner menu pdf)

CAcorn & green apple cream soup    8
Fried Zucchine flower, filled with Italian cheeses, pesto ( 1 pc)  3.5
Brussels sprouts, bacon, walnut, sesame seeds    9
Spring salad, house dressing     9
Spinach and roasted butternut squash, bacon, blue cheese, balsamic   9
Beef carpaccio; fresh artichokes, shaved Parmigiano, arugula, balsamico 12
Bruschetta: marinated mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, Parmigiano, arugula    12
Mussels-Clams, marinara, garlic, grilled bread   12
Fresh Oyster (Maryland)- ( 6pcs)   14
Fried dates stuffed with chorizo, on beets and radishes salad   12
Mini meat balls on cheesy corn polenta    13
Mission figs dip, goat cheese mousse, my focaccia, Prosciutto Di Parma  14
Snails, baked in fresh herbs, pesto & brandy sauce, grilled focaccia bread  14
Crispy Pork belly, microgreen salad   14
Burrata, Grilled asparagus, Prosciutto, cherry tomatoes,  15
Ahi tuna, ratatouille of vegetables, candied onions  15
Grilled calamari, cous – cous salad, lemon juice, cherry tomato  15
4 Cheeses & 4 cured meat platter, homemade pickles vegetables  18



Ear shape pasta; kale, squash, artichokes, zucchini, pesto oil, fresh tomatoes (vegan)     17
Angel Hair, hand cut, spring tomatoes marinara, basil, mozzarella     17
Pappardelle with my Grandma style Bolognese     18
Veal ravioli, Italian bacon, sage – butter, pistachio, Parmigiano Reggiano    18
My 4 cheeses ravioli, Italian sausages, spinach, mushrooms, cream sauce   19
Handmade potato and ricotta gnocchi, arugula- basil pesto, grilled chicken    21
Pork scaloppini, roasted potatoes, Tuscan kale, artichokes, marsala sauce   22
Short ribs manicotti, baked in marinara and asiago cheese, spinach   22
Lamb shank ossobuco, saffron risotto, port wine reduction    24
Crab tortellini with shrimp and scallops, spicy vodka sauce   24
Grilled duck breast, sautéed winter vegetables     26
Prime Rib Toscana; potato gratin, porcini mushroom sauce    26
Halibut, spinach-risotto, fresh lemon, capers    26
Sea food casserole; mussels, clams, calamari, shrimps, scallops, octopus fresh tomatoes, fettuccine, white wine sauce                                                                29
Lobster risotto; Grilled Maine lobster, Arborio rice, chipotle, basil, fresh tomatoes    32
Pasta and bread are house made & all food made to order, thanks for the patience.

Thanks for your support!

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